Ep 25: The Texas Camel Corps

One hump or two? Camels came to Texas in the 1850’s and the ships of the desert proved themselves great Texans! There might even be one or two still wandering around! Learn more about the great camel experiment in this episode of Wise About Texas.








Camel tied to the deck during bad weather
Maj. Henry Wayne
The spot where the camels came ashore in Indianola. (host photo)
site of the courthouse in Indianola. (host photo)
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2 thoughts on “Ep 25: The Texas Camel Corps”

  1. I remember a movie from 1976 called Hawmps that was based on this. It had Slim Pickens, Jack Elam and Denver Pyle in it. Not sure it would hold up now but I loved it as a kid!

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