BONUS EPISODE: More Writing Texas History-An Interview with Brian Kilmeade

Brian Kilmeade, best known as a host of Fox & Friends and the Brian Kilmeade show, is also a lover of history.  In his latest book, Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers, Kilmeade takes on the story of Texas independence.  As a Texan, I couldn’t resist finding out why a New York author might want to write about Texas independence. In this interview, you’ll learn why he loves history and how his love of history has shaped his values.  Kilmeade also shares why he believes the fight for Texas independence is so important to the American story.  I hope you enjoy this interview with TV personality and author Brian Kilmeade.  ADVISORY: Because this interview was conducted by phone, the audio is a little loud.

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2 comments on “BONUS EPISODE: More Writing Texas History-An Interview with Brian Kilmeade

  1. Doug Huntsucker says:

    I just found “Wise About Texas”
    I love it! Thank you for your love of Texas and sharing it with us! About 15 years ago I decided to read a couple books about Texas to see if I could find any of my Ancestors names. Well I have not found any, but I keep looking. My knowledge about Texas History is now very wide but not very deep! Although a lot of your podcast I have already have known, I enjoy everyone of them. Thank you again !

    1. Ken Wise says:

      Thank you very much for listening!

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