Bonus Episode: The Battle of San Jacinto

Review the battle of San Jacinto.  18 minutes that changed the world.


mcardle san jacinto


View of the battleground. The Texians advanced from upper left to lower right.


Diagram of the battle


Santa Anna Surrenders

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6 comments on “Bonus Episode: The Battle of San Jacinto

  1. Howard S Hoover Jr says:

    Love it. Leaps off pages.

    Wish State required this history at every grade leve…including college. If you go to school in Texas, you’re going to learn Texas history!!

  2. Howard Kiatta says:

    Ken, Thanks for doing this. We have to keep our history alive for future generations.

  3. Bob says:

    Hi Judge, great info. I am a travel blogger and recently did a piece on San Jacinto. I have done a few other history related topics from Texas and around the world. Take a look and let me know what you think.

    1. judgekenwise says:

      Great site! What do you use to get your pictures to come out the way they are on the site? They are fantastic. The battleship pictures look like artwork. Followed you on Twitter and Facebook and look forward to keeping up. KPW

      1. Bob says:

        I use Light Room for my photo edits. Appreciate the kind words

  4. Wendy Dawson says:

    Judge Wise – thanks for this fascinating recount of the day! Your storytelling ability and attention to detail made researching the history paper all the more interesting! Thanks for taking the time to create this podcast!

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