Capitals of Texas, Part 1 (Episode 4, pt. 1)

There are several lists of the capitals of the Republic of Texas but they are incomplete!  Come travel with the provisional government of Texas from the declaration of independence on March 2, 1836 onward as it flees the advancing enemy and tries to conduct the business of the new republic.  Part 1 covers the period through the election of the first congress and one of its early votes–to move the capital again!



Jared Groce’s Bernardo plantation house


The first capitol building at Columbia


A view of the former location of Fort Point in Galveston from across the channel


Old Velasco

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  1. Eunice Ortiz says:

    The podcast was honestly very interesting and informative. I think the fact that they passed the constitution the next day was interesting because i thought it would take more time.

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