Ep. 30: Texas Towns: Virginia Point

Virginia Point was a transportation hub, civil war fort and cotton producing town on the shores of Galvesston Bay.  It was part of Austin’s “coast colony” and was considered as an early port of the Republic.  The Confederate forces launched the attack that recaptured Galveston from Virginia Point.  Learn more about this Texas town in the latest episode in the Texas Towns series of Wise About Texas.


Headed for Virginia Point over Galveston Bay.

Headed for Virginia Point over Galveston Bay.

The shores of old Virginia Point

The shores of old Virginia Point


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7 comments on “Ep. 30: Texas Towns: Virginia Point

  1. Bob Shults says:

    Great as always…..

  2. Tonny says:

    i really like going to galventsunfine and playing at the beach/ we almost go every somer and we have fun all the time. well noww we can’t because of the crona virus and like its really’ bad. so we can’t go tis hyear ai think and itss hard nowt to evem thinglk abotu it cause we alwas go.

  3. colin nelor says:

    the don’t want history to repeat itself

  4. carlos says:

    Galveston is a very nice you have a lots of fun because you can swim. And also u can travel across the beach on a boat to were ever you want to go.

  5. zach says:

    im in 7th grade and im using this for a paper

    can I have some parts of the script so I can refer back without having to listen to the entire podcast again?
    (I did listen to it)

    1. Ken Wise says:

      Good luck with the paper! I don’t use scripts on the show so unfortunately there’s nothing to give you. There might be something online where you can transcribe it though.

  6. olivia says:

    I think Galveston is a nice place to go and Ive only went there once and you can go anywhere you want to go there

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