EP. 69 Texans You Should Know: Bessie Coleman, Pilot & Pioneer

Born into poverty and raised in north central Texas, Bessie Coleman wanted to fly.  But in the early 20th century, nobody in the United States would teach a black woman to fly an airplane.  So Bessie Coleman learned a new language, traveled a world away, and realized her dream.  A pioneer pilot, Coleman came home and became famous.  She used her talent and her perseverance to show everyone what was possible.  Learn more about a true pioneer aviator in this episode of Wise About Texas.  

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5 thoughts on “EP. 69 Texans You Should Know: Bessie Coleman, Pilot & Pioneer”

  1. Texas is rich in history. What an enjoyable conversation to tie family history “way back when” to our state’s history.

  2. Love all of these podcasts. I started binge watch them while I drive. Taken me 6 weeks but I am now up to date. Keep it up Judge Wise!

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