Ep. 72: Death of a Trailblazer, Oliver Loving

Oliver Loving was a trailblazer…literally.  He drove cattle to Illinois, Louisiana, and Colorado.  With Charles Goodnight he blazed a new western trail intended to avoid the Indian threat.  Impatient as he was brave, he rode ahead to Santa Fe and was immediately attacked.  However, he held off hundreds of Comanches while one of his men went for help.  Through luck, or fate, or toughness, or all of it, he survived the attack.  But his wounds were too severe. Before he died, his best friend promised to take his body back to Texas.  Get a taste of the cattle drives, the danger, the bravery, and promises kept in this latest episode of Wise About Texas.      

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2 comments on “Ep. 72: Death of a Trailblazer, Oliver Loving

  1. Paul Noack says:


  2. Bill Townsley says:

    Oliver Loving and Charles Goodnight established a ranch in Palo Pinto County Texas prior to the better
    known ranchs near Pueblo, Colorado and later near Palo Duro Canyon, Texas. The first ranch was near the (then) town of Black Springs, Texas… (Now)
    named Oran, Texas. My Grandfather (William Edward Townsley) and Great grandfather, and my grandmother (Minnie McClure Townsley) had property
    in the Keechi Valley near Black Springs too. My grandfather was a blacksmith at Black Springs.
    They along with other ancestors are buried in the Oran Crmetery along with Charles Goodnight’ mother and stepfather (Charlotte Sheek & Rev. Adam Sheek).

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