EP. 85: Exploring the Texas Revolution–Presidio La Bahia

Originally established in 1721 along the banks of the Guadalupe river, Presidio La Bahia was moved to its present location along the banks of the San Antonio river in 1749. Since then it has been a critical location for worship, trade, protection, battle and commerce. The presidio has been taken and re-taken as Texas has earned its reputation as one of the most contested places in North America. Perhaps it’s best known as James Fannin’s headquarters before his ill-fated attempt to reach Victoria, resulting in the Goliad massacre. The chapel has hosted church services since 1749, and still does today. Fort, community center, and even graveyard, there are few places in Texas as historic as Presidio La Bahia. Join me as I interview site manager Scott McMahon and explore the Texas revolution at Presidio La Bahia.

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3 comments on “EP. 85: Exploring the Texas Revolution–Presidio La Bahia

  1. Robert Holder says:

    Hey just started listening a while back. Really enjoy Texas History having read several books. One thing I did want to mention at the end of Episode 13, you talk about some of the descendants of the King Ranch families. You did say that Laura Cavazos was Secretary of Education, which obviously is correct. But you failed to mention that he was once President of Texas Tech University for 8 years. Also his brother Bobby was a great Red Raider running back.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Ken Wise says:

      That’s right! I might have mentioned that in an old Goliad episode. Guns up!

  2. Smokey says:

    I took advantage of staying in the officers quarters at the mission one night. You have the whole mission to yourself and it was a great way to experience it!

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