Ep. 87- Texans You Should Know: Kenneth Threadgill

Austin is famous for its music scene.  Willie, Waylon, Jerry Jeff and so many others helped Austin become weird.  But before any of them there was Kenneth Threadgill.  A preacher’s son, Threadgill loved music.  He especially loved Jimmie Rogers and his yodel.  Threadgill opened a tavern that provided musicians a place to play, and college kids a place to listen.  Kenneth Threadgill and his hootenanies gave many Austin musicians their start, and launched one hippie girl to superstardom.  Hear about the earliest days of the Austin music scene and get to know one of its pioneers, Kenneth Threadgill. 

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4 thoughts on “Ep. 87- Texans You Should Know: Kenneth Threadgill”

  1. Ken,
    Really enjoyed your story on Kenneth Threadgill! He was my stepmothers daddy. I did know him as a child and visited his home many times. My stepmother ( Dotty Threadgill Maxwell) would have really enjoyed hearing this podcast. Thank you for sharing Texas history. I will follow you now that I have learned about your podcasts.

    Sally Maxwell

  2. Wonderful piece of history. I’d certainly like to see that picture that Mr.Threadgill had of a young Janis leaning against a pickup holding a lone star

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