Bonus Episode: Texas Thanksgiving

The story of the first thanksgiving is not the one you might think.  Before the pilgrims, Texas already had a thanksgiving–and now we have two!  Learn more in this bonus episode of Wise About Texas.  Happy thanksgiving!


p h bell

Governor Peter H. Bell proclaimed in 1850 that Thanksgiving in Texas be celebrated on the first Thursday in March. That proclamation stands.

1959 marker site

A crossing on the Prairie Dog Fork of the Red River in Palo Duro Canyon. Did Coronado celebrate thanksgiving here in 1541?

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8 comments on “Bonus Episode: Texas Thanksgiving

  1. Glenn says:

    Awesome recount on episode 3……thank you for promoting Texas history, the greatest place on Earth.

    1. judgekenwise says:

      Thank you very much!

  2. Starr Etchieson says:

    You are doing a great job. Love this series. And I also believe Christmas should not be promoted until after Thanksgiving :-).

  3. Dean Brown says:

    Just know started podcast listening, and am catching up on your episodes. I enjoyed this 2015 Thanksgiving episode, but want to make a small quibble.

    While the tradition is to ascribe Coronado’s Thanksgiving service to Palo Duro Canyon, current archeology places it in Balnco Canyon in Floyd County. That includes the discovery of crossbow points, definitely tying it to 1541

    Might make an interesting episode, if you haven’t done one already. I don’t know, I’m only up to episode 11

    1. Ken Wise says:

      Thank you for that info! I’d love to learn more about that location. I’ll be by that way later this summer.

  4. Dean Brown says:

    Wow, wish I would have proofread that comment before I sent it. Too dependent on spell check, I guess. In any case, here’s a quick summary article. The site is on private property, but maybe your Podcast credentials might get you in.

    I would also recommend a trip to Caprock Canyons, and the Clarity Tunnel on the Rails-to-Trail segment south of Quitaque. It’s a long hike to Clarity, at about 10 miles round trip, but an easy bike ride.

  5. Dean Brown says:

    Sorry, just found an even more detailed link

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