Wise About Texas Episode 001- The First Judges of Texas

This episode introduces two of the first judges of Texas–Josiah Hughes Bell and Benjamin Cromwell Franklin.  Download this episode to hear stories of Austin’s Colony and how the provisional Texas government learned of the victory at San Jacinto.  You’ll also hear about the time Texas engaged in an act of war against the United States!

Judge Benjamin C. Franklin

Judge Benjamin C. Franklin

Grave of Judge Franklin

Grave of Judge Franklin in New City Cemetary, Galveston, Texas.

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2 comments on “Wise About Texas Episode 001- The First Judges of Texas

  1. Sandra Wade-Janik says:

    I enjoyed this segment about Josiah H Bell. He is my gr gr gr grandfather. I am the great granddaughter of Sophronia ‘Fronie’ Bell Wade, daughter of Thaddeus Constantine Bell. I never knew the early history of my grandfather Bell, where he was from, etc. and so appreciate this information. I did know his importance in the Texas history. I am curious to know if there are photos of him and his wife.

    1. judgekenwise says:

      I don’t know of any photos. He died in 1838 so there would only be a drawing. Thanks so much for listening!

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