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Making Texas History: An Interview with Governor Rick Perry (Part 1)

Governor Rick Perry is the longest serving Governor in Texas history. From his humble beginnings in Paint Creek, to the cockpit of an Air Force C-130, to the Governor’s Mansion and on to Washington D.C. Governor Perry has an unmatched career in public service....

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EP. 127: Clash of the Titans

The American Buffalo, or Bison, is an iconic image of America. At one point, millions of these huge animals roamed the continent. But settlement and commercial hunting rendered the bison all but extinct. Thanks to the forward thinking of a few cattlemen, the species...

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EP. 126: An Accidental Victory

As the winter of 1835 approached, the Texian army lay siege to San Antonio de Bexar. When rumors started that a pack train was approaching the town carrying silver for the troops, the Texians saw opportunity. Riding out to meet the enemy, the Texians...

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The Texas Rangers: Milton H. West- from Ranger to Congressman

Milton H. West had a most interesting career. While investigating the assault of his brother on the Mexican border, he decided to sign up with the Texas Rangers. That got him interested in the law, which got him interested in politics. Every step of...

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EP. 124: Texans You Should Know- Sally Skull

Sarah Jane Newman grew up tough in a family that came with Austin’s Old 300. She watched her mother fight off Indians and became an expert judge of horses. Known as Sally Skull, she could outride, outshoot and outtrade any man. But she also...

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EP. 123: The Texas Rangers- Senior Captain Tony Leal (part 2)

Antonio “Tony” Leal served as a Texas Ranger from 1994-2011, including several years as the Senior Captain. In part 2 of an interesting and wide-ranging interview, you will learn about the Ranger service, life as a Ranger and many other interesting and informative things...

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