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EP. 112: A Texas mother- Mary Christian Burleson

What is it about Texas mothers? They are tough, smart, and resourceful. Nothing phases a Texas mom, they can do it all! That was certainly true of Mary Christian Burleson. Mary was a mom to 7 and stepmom to 12. She was a pioneer,...

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EP. 111: The Easter Fires of Fredericksburg

Every Easter Eve, the hill country around Fredericksburg comes alive with huge bonfires. Some say this tradition came from Germany, some say the Indians started it, and some say the Easter Bunny is doing some cooking. Hear about the Fredericksburg Easter fires in the...

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EP. 110: A Goliad Survivor?

March 27, 1836 was Palm Sunday, a holy day. But the Mexican dictator Santa Anna didn’t care, he was out for blood. He ordered hundreds of Texian prisoners executed in cold blood at the Presidio La Bahia at Goliad. The prisoners were split into...

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Ep 109: Alamo Defenders- Dr. Amos Pollard

Dr. Amos Pollard was a Massachusetts yankee seeking a new start and prosperity in Texas. He dared the Mexican army to “come and take it,” and served as an army doctor during the siege of Bexar. He would die defending the Alamo. Dr. Pollard...

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Ep. 108: Alamo Defenders- Toribio Losoya

The Alamo defenders were heroes, but not everyone gets top billing. Hear the stories of some of the defenders that you may not think of when you remember the Alamo. This episode is about Alamo hero Toribio Losoya.

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Ep. 107: Texans You Should Know- Anna Mebus Martin

She arrived from Germany with very little, not even speaking English. She braved indian attacks, frontier outlaws and a civil war to become a cattle queen and a bank president. Learn about a great Texas entrepreneur in the latest episode of Wise About Texas.

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