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EP. 119: The Texas Rangers: Origins

Texas Ranger.  Two words that strike fear in the heart of the lawbreaker and hope in the heart of the law abiding. Since before there was a Texas, there were Rangers.  How this elite force officially began is the subject of some controversy.  But...

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EP. 118: Texans You Should Know- Osjetea Briggs

She grew up a poor Native American in rural Texas during the depression. But if you think she even noticed, you don’t know Osjetea Briggs. She became a world-renowned photographer, portrait artist and newspaper publisher. Oh, and she was a columnist and politico too....

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EP. 117: A Murder in the Capitol

There has been one, and only one, assassination of a Texas state official and it happened in 1903. It occurred in the State Capitol building, the same one you can visit today. Hear about a disgruntled employee, a letter, and a gun in the...

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EP 116: I Heard it on the X, Part 2

Dr. John Brinkley had figured out how to beat the system and built the most powerful radio station in the world. The entire United States could now hear what he was selling. Music was a big part of that and Border Blaster XERA introduced...

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EP. 115: I Heard it on the X, Part 1

Dr. John Brinkley claimed to have the miracle operation for male “rejuvenation.” Dr. John Brinkley was also a quack who bought his medical degree for $100. Nevertheless, he became one of the best-known doctors in the nation. Harnessing the new power of radio, Dr....

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Ep. 114: Winging it in Big Bend

In the 1920s, U.S. military aviation was in its early stages. New uses for air power were discovered frequently. The new flying machines would allow military and civilian authorities to patrol dangerous, remote areas more effectively. Few areas in the U.S. were more remote,...

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