Ep 47: The San Antonio Chili Queens

In late 1800’s San Antonio, the plazas were busy marketplaces during the day. But at night, the Chili Queens took over. These ladies brought the exotic flavors of Mexico to the population of San Antonio. Music, laughter and the pungent aroma of chili con carne filled the air. From the greatest to the least, every citizen and tourist had to make a pilgrimage to see the Chili Queens and sample the food that would later become known as Tex-Mex. Learn more about this scene in the latest episode of Wise About Texas.

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4 thoughts on “Ep 47: The San Antonio Chili Queens”

  1. I am sure, anyone that keeps up with your site and your podcasts are getting a very good dose of Texas History. I am downloading all your podcasts and am passing them on to my Great Grandson. He is ten years old and he is receiving more education on history from you than the school is teaching him. My Thanks to you.

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