Ep. 15: The Crash at Crush!

Crush, Texas was the second largest city in Texas for a few hours in September, 1896.  Learn about a Texas-sized publicity stunt that was the biggest and, unfortunately the deadliest in Texas history.  It was a train wreck in more ways than one.  Travel back to the glory days of rail travel and learn about the great “Crash at Crush!”

The gladiators before the battle






william crush
William George Crush






The aftermath

Ep. 14: The Road to San Jacinto

After the fall of the Alamo and the massacre at Goliad, times in Texas were uncertain at best.  General Sam Houston took the army on a retreat to the east.  In this episode learn how the Texian army made it to San Jacinto and some of the side stories and important questions raised during that time.  Follow the Texian army as it marches across Texas to its destiny at San Jacinto.

Sam Houston
Sam Houston


Pamelia Mann takes her oxen back







The runaway scrape
whichway tree
Allegedly, but not likely, the “whichway tree”