Ep 48: Texans You Should Know-Crazy Ben Dolliver the Pirate

Crazy Ben Dolliver was said to be touched.  Sporting a 6 inch scar from an old sword fight, Crazy Ben circulated around Galveston in the 19th century barefoot, shirtless, and mostly drunk.  He camped on the beach and fished for his sustenance.  But Crazy Ben always paid for his drinks with Spanish Doubloons.  Every now and then he’d sail away from the island and return with more Spanish gold.  Where did the gold come from?  Everyone knew Crazy Ben had served as one of Jean Lafitte’s crew as a pirate.  Did he know the location of some treasure?  Nobody figured it out, though they tried and tried.   Then one day a ship arrived from New Orleans and Ben left….with some cargo.  Hear a true pirate tale in this latest episode of Wise About Texas

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2 comments on “Ep 48: Texans You Should Know-Crazy Ben Dolliver the Pirate

  1. david m coover jr says:

    At the suggestion of your admirer Jerry Langdon,I listened to #’s28-54 on a road trip to Colorado last week. Well done. Not nearly as important as news of the Kardashians,Manafort et.al but much more entertaining. I’m passing it on to friends and family.

    1. Ken Wise says:

      Thanks very much for listening! I’m looking for a Kardashian Texas connection.

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