Ep. 26: Texas Takes Flight

The first man to fly a powered aircraft was a Texan named Jacob Brodbeck.  History credits the Wright brothers but it’s time to correct the record!  Learn about German immigration, a fascinating Texan, and the first airplane flight in this episode of Wise About Texas.

Painting of Jacob Brodbeck's 1865 flight (photo: Cibolo Nature Center)

Painting of Jacob Brodbeck’s 1865 flight (photo: Cibolo Nature Center)


Jacob Brodbeck, the first pilot.

Jacob Brodbeck, the first pilot.

Jacob Bordbeck's grave

Jacob Bordbeck’s grave

Indianola, Texas street scene

Indianola, Texas street scene

An aerial view of the Herff farm where Brodbeck flew (photo Cibolo Nature Center)

An aerial view of the Herff farm where Brodbeck flew (photo Cibolo Nature Center)

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5 comments on “Ep. 26: Texas Takes Flight

  1. William H. Oakley says:

    I receive notice of your Wise about Texas articles on my computer, but have been unable to play them. Is there a way I can just receive them in print on Facebook or email?

    1. judgekenwise says:

      There is a player embedded with each episode but if that doesn’t work, try subscribing on iTunes on your computer or iPhone or Google Play if you have android.

  2. Steve Brodbeck says:

    Ken, just heard your podcast on Jacob Brodbeck. Growing up we told the same same stories and got laughed at. We just organized a 501 3c called “Jacob and Christine Brodbeck Foundation” we would love to post a link to your podcast on our website. Your details and presentation skills are commendable thanks so much! The Brodbeck cemetery has controlled access but the foundation has discussed some open tours but the landowner desires prevent open public access for now. Steve Brodbeck

  3. Kalen says:

    Ken, Are there any fabrication drawings of the airship, or patent application documents?
    Thank you for sharing your efforts to preserve, and correct, Texas history.

    1. Ken Wise says:

      I replied via email. Thanks very much for listening!

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