Ep. 46: The Great Comanche War Trail

Every fall, the most feared cavalry the world has ever known, the Comanche Indians, would leave their home on the great plains and raid deep into Mexico taking horses, and humans, back with them.  They followed an ancient trail that came to be known as the Great Comanche war trail.  The Comanche were not prosperous until the Spanish introduced the horse which turned around the fortunes of an entire people.  The Comanche Indians managed to convince the Spanish to help them defeat the Apache, which then opened up unfettered access to Mexico via the war trail.  From the panhandle to the Rio Grande, the raiders followed a well-defined trail almost a mile wide at points.  Famous springs and river crossings were used for centuries.  Even today, you can drive the same trail used by traders, Indians, stagecoaches and travelers.  The Great Comanche War Trail.


Your host standing on a remnant of the great Comanche war trail near Persimmon Gap.

The low spot is a remnant of the great Comanche war trail near Persimmon Gap.

Spot along the great Comanche war trail

View along the great Comanche war trail.

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3 comments on “Ep. 46: The Great Comanche War Trail

  1. John Dickson says:

    Interesting. Really glad to find this site.

  2. Denwood Butler says:

    About 30 years ago or so, I was a member of the Fort Worth Westerners corral. Each month we would listen to guest speakers, who would continue the tradition of keeping Texas history alive. One of those speakers, whose name I do not recall, gave a great talk on locating and mapping the Great Comanche War Trail. His presentation included photographs of his field expeditions, during which he mapped many of the old campsites and springs along the trail. If I recall correctly, he initially hypothesized the location of the trail by superimposing a hydrologic map over a Texas map, to locate an approximate route. He then field tested his theory, which formed the basis of his presentation. I remember photographs of him and a buddy with an old Jeep, showing campsite locations. Anyhow after reading your teaser about the trail, I wondered if you had any knowledge of the presenter and/or his presentation?

    1. Ken Wise says:

      I don’t but I’d love to meet him.

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