Ep. 64: Texas and the Great War Part 3: Service to Country, Service to Texas

Over 5000 Texans served in World War One.  Many returned to Texas and continued their service to their home State.  Here are just a few stories of men who returned from war and continued their service.  A tribute to all our men and women who served so bravely in the Great War.  

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3 comments on “Ep. 64: Texas and the Great War Part 3: Service to Country, Service to Texas

  1. John gamble says:

    Love the podcasts, still catching up. I have a question: would you have an interest in speaking to either of the antique auto clubs to which I belong? One is ford model t(1018-1927), the other is ford model A(1928-1931)?

    Also, I have an interest in two possible topics you might find interesting. The first involves a group that fought in the civil war called Terry’s Rangers. Several of the members are buried in a small plot in Sandy Point, south of Houston. The property was once owned by my caterer in law.

    Also involving my wife’s family is the story of her ancestors as they immigrated from England and settled in north Texas near Dallas. There is a written account of their travel back to England at the close of the civil war, going by wagon from now Carrollton to northern Louisiana, then by boat down the Mississippi, then on to England. The family was at one time very wealthy with property in south Texas for cattle that were taken to west Texas for fattening, then nothing for sale. Regretfully all was lost in the depression. The oldest living member is 100 living in Dallas. She at one time was very familiar with much of the family history, don’t know what she can recall now.

    Let me know if you have any interest in the previous items and keep up the gapped work!

    1. Ken Wise says:

      I’m happy to speak to any group and do so dozens of times a year. Please feel free to send any stories you have, i’d love to have them.

  2. Gwen says:

    Would love to have a Part4 Texas and the Great War which tells about another WWI training facility right here in Houston: Fort Logan.

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