EP. 71: The First Declaration of Independence

When Texans talk about the Declaration of Independence, they usually mean the one signed at Washington-on-the-Brazos on March 2, 1836. Occasionally, we refer to the Goliad declaration of 1835. But there was one before all of them. In 1813, Texans in San Antonio de Bexar declared the province of Texas to be independent. The wording sounds familiar in places but the principals are timeless, and very familiar to Texans and Americans. Learn more about what motivated the Texans of 1813 to declare independence, which ultimately led to the Battle of Medina a few months later. (PHOTO BY BOB OWEN/SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS/ZUMA PRESS)

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4 comments on “EP. 71: The First Declaration of Independence

  1. Larry Foerster says:

    Thank you Judge Wise for making this fascinating and informative blog available to those of us who love Texas history. As the chairman of the Montgomery County Historical Commission, I was introduced to WiseaboutTexas from our county judge Mark Keough and intend to share it with other like-minded students of Texas History. I am proud to be a new patron to your blog

    1. Ken Wise says:

      Thank you sir! My paternal roots (Price) go back to Montgomery in 1842 so your work is important to me.

  2. Kevin LaFollett says:

    Did you ever do that episode on The Gutierrez Magee episode?

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