Episode 49: Jane Wilson’s Incredible Journey

In early 1853, Jane Wilson and her new husband James set out with 62 others to strike it rich in California.  They never made it.  After two months of traveling they reached El Paso where successful thieves ruined their dreams of fortune.  They decided to return to East Texas but what seemed like the end of a dream was just the beginning of a new nightmare.  Hear tales of murder, torture at the hands of Indian captors, rescues by comancheros and friendly Indian tribes, starvation, thirst, and ultimately survival.  Join Jane Wilson on her incredible journey and learn what tough really means in the latest episode of Wise About Texas.

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3 comments on “Episode 49: Jane Wilson’s Incredible Journey

  1. Braxton Smith says:

    Justice Wise,

    While not strictly Texas in the modern sense, I think the Battle of Medina would be an excellent topic to shine some light on. I love the details and life you bring out in the retelling of the history of Texas and would be very interested to see what you could ferret out about the battle. Either way keep up the great work and happy Independence Day.

  2. Mark Oxner says:

    Love getting Wise About Texas! During the stress part of our recent roadtrip to San Diego for my wife’s reunion, I treated her to a couple of episodes of your podcast. She was riveted to this episode, about Jane Wilson. We haven’t checked the wide internet yet, but is there a book about Jane?


    1. Ken Wise says:

      No book, unfortunately. She didn’t really talk much about her experience except to one newspaperman. She’d be a great subject for a screenplay, though!

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