Ep. 20: Island Time: San Jose, Mustang and Matagorda

In the middle of a hot Texas summer, let’s head for the beach!  San Jose Island is bordered by Matagorda to the north and Mustang to the south.  Texas barrier islands all have their unique stories and San Jose is no different.  It has seen explorers, ranchers, entrepreneurs and soldiers.  These islands together hold the last of an endangered species as well as the first private space flight.  Learn how San Jose island, and its neighbors, played an important role in U.S. political history.



FDR tours San Jose Island

roosevetl fishing

FDR fishing near Port Aransas


The presidential yacht USS Potomac


LBJ meets FDR

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3 comments on “Ep. 20: Island Time: San Jose, Mustang and Matagorda

  1. Ron Hawkins says:

    I will look forward to reading each and everyone of these postings; never too old to learn more history about the Lone Stae State. Thank you, Judge Wise for your passion of history!

  2. Arleen Hopkins says:

    Wonderful Podcast

  3. Jared Johnson says:

    These have been great. Thank you for doing this. Recently visited Refugio. There is a fantastic museum there complete with the old mission bell stamped 1731…

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