Ep. 21: Texans You Should Know: Temple Lea Houston

Meet Temple Lea Houston, youngest son of Texas hero Sam Houston and one of Texas’s first great trial lawyers.  He was known for his quick mind, a silver tongue, fancy dress and a fast gun.  All of those were helpful in the early courtrooms of Texas.  He turned down the chance for high political office in exchange for the excitement of frontier justice.  He also delivered one of the greatest closing arguments in history.  Come to court in frontier Texas and get Wise About Texas.

Temple Lea Houston

Temple Lea Houston


brigham monument

The Brigham monument at San Jacinto

capitol dedication

Dedication of the new state capitol building 1888


Happy hour in Tascosa, Texas back in the old days


The old stone courthouse in Mobeetie

temple 1890

Temple Houston about 1890

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6 comments on “Ep. 21: Texans You Should Know: Temple Lea Houston

  1. Temple’s grandson, Sam Houston IV, is still living and has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people over the years about Texas History (school kids, historical gatherings, San Jacinto celebrations, etc). He appears as an expert commentator in the documentary on Gen. Houston’s life and can be seen on the film’s companion web site, http://www.samhoustonmovie.com.

  2. William Quinney says:

    Enjoyed The Program

  3. Donald R. Curry says:

    Judge – As usual, a great program. Mobeetie is pronounced MoBEETEE. I grew up in Pampa, and that’s what we called it. My grandfather from Hereford (born 1885) referred to it as MoBEETEE. I have never heard of the pronunciation that you used.

    1. Ken Wise says:

      Thank you! I heard the Mo-be-tie pronunciation second-hand, allegedly from a native. I like yours better

  4. The Baytown Historical Preservation Association would like to invite you and your listeners to our “A Taste of History” with special guest “Temple Lea Houston” on Saturday, April 29, 2017. For more info on how to get tickets, go to http://www.baytownhistory.org and click on “Calendar of Events.”

  5. Bob Irby says:

    I agree with Mr. Curry about the pronunciation of Mobeetie. My mother was born there and all of her family pronounced the name of the town as MoBEETEE. There is a town near there named Miami but it is pronounced Miamuh. Maybe this is a source of the confusion about the pronunciation.

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