Ep 43: Asa Borger and his Boomtown

Asa Borger was a town builder with an eye for opportunity and a nose for the Texas oil fields. He came to the panhandle in 1926 and made millions establishing the boomtown of Borger. But the thousands of residents weren’t all of the best sort. Drinking, gambling, prostitution and violence were rampant. “Booger Town,” as it came to be known needed law enforcement. Unfortunately, the towns chief law enforcement officer as well as the mayor encouraged the crime and profited handsomely. Even the famous Texas Rangers Frank Hamer and Tom Hickman couldn’t control it. After the District Attorney was murdered because he wasn’t corrupt, the law and order Governor Dan Moody brought in the National Guard and declared martial law. Even after the dust settled there was one more shooting…find out the rest in the latest episode of Wise About Texas.

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3 comments on “Ep 43: Asa Borger and his Boomtown

  1. Ray Hollis says:

    Great story about Borger. You can tell some more great stories about West Texas boom towns like Wink, Odessa, Denver City, Big Lake, etc.

    My Dad hitch hiked to Wink from Farmerville, LA in 1929 to go to work for his brothers driving a oilfield truck. The story starts there.

  2. Ray Hollis says:

    Some great stories about Texas, Judge. Keep em coming.


  3. NotPropagandized says:

    Hah! This August 2017, took a road trip with friend to Adobe Walls and side trips to Fort McKavett, Fort Concho, Fort Chadbourne, Palo Duro Canyon and Fort Richardson. A big highlight was stopping in Borger to view the Hutchinson County Museum and learn all about the boomtown and cleaning up entrenched crime. Highly recommend it. Thanks for great podcast.

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