EP. 95: Texas Towns: Welcome to Provident City!

In the early 20th century, Texas had room to grow.  Like the empresarios of the early 1800’s, real estate drove efforts to settle new Texans.  But not all developers were honest.  Promises of historically productive land, railroads and pleasant temperatures lured many to the coastal prairie.  Towns were built…and towns died.  One in particular was billed as a farming paradise.  Two crops a year plus a railroad on its way.  Hundreds came to Texas to establish this paradise, appropriately named Provident City.  Hear an all-too-typical tale of early 20th century land deals in the latest episode of Wise About Texas.

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2 comments on “EP. 95: Texas Towns: Welcome to Provident City!

  1. Kevin D Cullen says:

    Enjoyed very much. One correction. The current one story schoolhouse was a new one built in the 60’s. The old two story schoolhouse was torn down around 1970. The downstairs were classrooms(2 or 4) I don’t remember for sure. The upstairs was the playground. Seesaw slide swings merry go round chin up bars etc. as a child we played up there. Some of that playground equipment is now outside next to the new one story schoolhouse. The one story schoolhouse has been renovated by One of the family members as a weekend house. The only other original structure is the two story Coleman house. It was renovated by one of the families and moved about 1/2 mile from its original location about 15 years ago.
    My 89 year old mother tells me when she was in junior high, the hotel had not been renovated and was used to store bales of hay.

    1. Ken Wise says:

      Thank you for this! I misunderstood the schoolhouse situation when I was out there.

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