EP. 67: Bonnie & Clyde Part 1: The Outlaws

The great depression was hard on everyone everywhere, and Texas was no exception.  People couldn’t work, could barely eat and just needed a break.  The people wanted excitement, they wanted romance, they wanted something to cheer for…even if it was evil.  That’s when a petty chicken thief met a beautiful wanna-be movie star, both from the poor side of town.  They set off on one of the most wide-ranging, violent, notorious, and legendary crime sprees in American history.  Pretty soon, everyone knew their names…Bonnie & Clyde.  Meet two of America’s most notorious outlaws in this episode of Wise About Texas.  

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2 comments on “EP. 67: Bonnie & Clyde Part 1: The Outlaws

  1. Jerry says:

    As a new transplant to Texas, and a lover of history, I love your program! Watched the Netflix movie the other night and I’m ready for your next episode! Keep up the great work, and thank you.

    1. Ken Wise says:

      Thank you and thanks for listening!

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