Ep. 89: Texas Attacks Oklahoma!

During World War II, Texas played an important role in training pilots and bomber crews.  The city of Dalhart contributed to the war effort by building an airfield.  Practice bombing missions took place over the panhandle by the famous B-17, B-24, and later the B-29.  One night in 1943, a young B-17 crew set out on a 40 mile round trip to bomb a lit square on the practice range.  50 miles later, they bombed Boise City, Oklahoma!  Hear more about the night Texas attacked Oklahoma in the latest episode of Wise About Texas.  

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3 comments on “Ep. 89: Texas Attacks Oklahoma!

  1. Marie Day says:

    Nice story!

  2. David says:

    Hi Ken, I very much enjoyed this episode, as I do all of them.

    We drive to Texas from Colorado at least once a year, usually through Boise City. We may have to skip the bypass next time and check out the historical marker, after negotiating the complicated traffic circle around city hall. 😉

    I also had the privilege of getting a ride in a B-17 in September of last year. The airport where I work hosted Texas Raiders (owned by the CAF) for a few days, and my employer at the airport generously bought me a seat on the last public flight. Thrill of a lifetime!

    Thanks again for the podcasts.

    David B.
    Aurora, CO.
    formerly of Deer Park and Houston (Clear Lake)

    1. Ken Wise says:

      Thanks for listening! I got to ride in the B-17 here at Ellington before they retired it. Really cool plane!

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